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7219/9-2 Kayak

25.05.2017 by Audrius Norkus

Statoil is about to drill the next promising exploration in the Barents Sea. place your bet on Kayak in close proximity to Johan Castberg.

Well 7121/8-1 Blåmann is located in production license 849, around 113km northwest of Hammerfest and 25km from Goliat in the Barents Sea, at 376m water depth.
Source: NPD

7121/8-1 Blåmann

11.05.2017 by Audrius Norkus

Place your bet on Blåmann!

Two gigantic structures close to the Russian border  give hope for major discoveries in blocks awarded in the 23rd round. Illustration: KUFPEC Norway/GEO 05/2016
Illustration: KUFPEC Norway

7435/12-1 Korpfjell

19.03.2017 by Audrius Norkus

Statoil is planning to drill the Korpfjell prospect. Is this the next giant?