7219/9-2 Kayak

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Source: NPD
Source: NPD

Name of the prospect
Well 7219/9-2
PL 532

Statoil Petroleum AS (50%)

Eni Norge AS (30%)
Petoro AS (20%)

Location & Description
Wellbore 7219/9-2 Kayak is located in Johan Castberg license PL532, southwest of Skrugard and Havis, and approximately 198 km northwest of Sørøya. The primary purpose of the exploration well is to detect hydrocarbons and investigate the reservoir potential in sandstone of Cretaceous and Jurassic age.
The well will be drilled through multi-level sandstone sequences, which are primarily Cretaceous sandstones, the Kayak prospect, and secondary targets are the deeper Cretaceous sandstones, the Husky prospect, and deep-scattered Jurassic sandstones. Any oil discoveries in Kayak prospect will be linked to Johan Castberg FPSO.

The well will be drilled using the Songa Enabler mobile drilling facility.

Location of Kayak in the Barents Sea. Source: Statoil
Location of Kayak in the Barents Sea. Source: Statoil

Johan Castberg
The Johan Castberg (formerly Skrugard) field is situated approximately 100 km north of the Snøhvit-field in the Barents Sea. The water depth is approximately 370 m. Johan Castberg consists of the three discoveries Skrugard, Havis and Drivis, proven in Lower to Middle Jurassic sandstone.
Drilling of Johan Castberg was concluded in early 2011 with the completion of drilling the well (7220/8-1) using Transocean’s rig Polar Pioneer, which encountered hydrocarbons at approximately 1250m depth below sea level.
Drilling of the Havis prospect concluded in early 2012. The last well, 7220/7-1 was drilled using Aker Solution’s rig, Aker Barents. The well was drilled to a depth of 2200m below sea level and at sea depth of 365m. Estimated volumes from Havis are expected to be between 200 and 300 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalent.
The appraisal of the Skrugard (now known as Johan Castberg) discovery was concluded in March 2012. Appraisal well 7220/5-1 was drilled using the Transocean Barents drilling rig to a depth of 1740m below sea level, at a water depth of 388m. The appraisal confirmed the estimated initial volume from the Skrugard and Havis facilities in the range of 400 to 600 million barrels of recoverable oil.

Planned drilling
Drilling was originally planned to start on the 1st quarter of 2017, so it is going to start soon.

Previous exploration
This is the first exploration well to be drilled within the licence area. Estimated duration of the drilling operation is scheduled to take 41 days.

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Drilling permit


Further information

End date of bet
The WellBet on this prospect will be closed right after official press-release of drilling completion and results presented on Geonova.

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