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GEO 01 / 2017 Illustration: GeoPublishing

Det grønne skiftet

23.02.2017 by Halfdan Carstens

GEO 01/2017 online

The speakers at the Hyrocarbon Habitats seminar on Injectites - Back row left to right: Mads Huuse (University of Manchester), Ivar Skjærpe (Aker BP), John Wild (ex ExxonMobil) and Nicholas Satur (Aker BP). Front row left to right: Polina Safronova (Engie), Andrew Hurst (University of Aberdeen) and Mari Berg (PGS).
Foto:  Halfdan Carstens

More prospects to be found

19.02.2017 by Hans Gebauer

Interesting insights from Injectites seminar

Location of the Filicudi well in the western part of the Barents Sea.
Source: NPD

Filicudi discovery confirmed

13.02.2017 by Hans Gebauer

WellBet community predicted correctly

The upcoming Hydrocarbon Habitats seminar on Injectites takes place on February 16th in Oslo and on February 17th in Stavanger.
Image: Geonova

Meet at Hydrocarbon Habitats

12.02.2017 by Hans Gebauer

Join the crowd for learning about Injectites

Grønn kvartsitt, fukisitt, med merkevarenavnet Masikvartsitt.
Foto: Gerda

Masikvartsitt i Finnmark

08.02.2017 by Hans Gebauer

Nytt flott geofunn

A view of the ocean entry of a lava stream at Kilauea volcano on Hawaii, at sunset on January 29, 2017.
Photo: USGS

Kīlauea lava firehose

05.02.2017 by Hans Gebauer

Aesthetical spectacle at Hawai'i's most active volcano

Sunrise in the peak of the only remaining glacier in the heart of western Pacific Warm Pool, Papua, Indonesia. The photo was taken in June 2010 during an expedition to extract and interpret ice cores for their preserved climatic histories.
Photo: R. Dwi Susanto (distributed via

Talsmann og formidler

02.02.2017 by Hans Gebauer

"Det meste du vet om klimaendringer er feil"

Foto: Halfdan Carstens

Verdifull stein

31.01.2017 by Halfdan Carstens

Februar måned i Geokalender

Location of the Filicudi well in the western part of the Barents Sea.
Source: NPD

Hydrocarbons in Filicudi?

25.01.2017 by Hans Gebauer

Check if you agree with the community - and the rumors

Technicians Ola, Stefan and Calle on their way to Neumayer with their trucks to pick up cargo at the German research station.
Photo: Carl Lundberg

The Magic Land

16.01.2017 by Hans Gebauer

New Arctic research adventure - and geological riddle