Kamal Hami-Eddine from Paradigm gives a talk about  "A new technique for rock type classification from wells and seismic data: application to a carbonate field" at the Hydrocarbon Habitats seminar in Oslo, Lysaker on October 27., 2016.
Photo: Hans Gebauer, Geonova

High hopes at high latitudes

Summary of Hydrocarbon Habitats seminar

NCS Prospects - The Exploration Strategy conference, organized jointly by Rystad Energy and GeoPublishing, brings together the exploration focused North Sea community to exchange expert insight, network with fellow peers and develop discussions and solutions on current industry issues.
Illustration: NCS Prospects

The future of the NCS

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Engabreen glacier running down from Svartisen.
Photo: Kay Helfricht via imaggeo.egu.eu


Why the "Black Ice" glacier looks rather blue

The 1.592 meters high Mt. Aso is the most active volcano in Japan and amongst the largest in the world. It is located in Aso Kujū National Park in Kumamoto Prefecture. 
Photo: Sonata via Wikimedia Commons

How to stop an earthquake

Supervolcano stemmed a 7.1 temblor in Japan

Participants of biomimicry workshops innovate together based on inspiration from nature.
Photo: Alex Asensi

Innovate with nature

Biomimicry workshop at Natural History Museum Oslo

Sunset over the Crescent Dunes 110 MW Solar Thermal Power generating station. The U.S. company SolarReserve plans to build 10 more of these.
Photo: Murray Foubister via Wikimedia Commons

The race is on

The world's largest solar power plant

Drilling for shale gas, Washington County, Pennsylvania, in November 2010. Source: Mark Schmerling, www.fractracker.org via geoexpro.com

Unlocking the Earth

A short history of hydraulic fracturing

Photo: Hans Gebauer

Hydrocarbon Habitats in Oslo

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