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More than 1780 delegates gathered at last week's conference in Fornebu to discuss de-risking.
Photo: Hans Gebauer

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Impressions from a great conference

Well 7121/8-1 Blåmann is located in production license 849, around 113km northwest of Hammerfest and 25km from Goliat in the Barents Sea, at 376m water depth.
Source: NPD

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NCS Exploration 2017 takes place this week at Scandic Fornebu, right outside Oslo. Gelogically speaking the venue is in the middle of the cambro-silurian sedimentary rocks of the Oslo Rift. Foto: Halfdan Carstens

NCS Exploration – this week!

Great program and specials at the best geo spring event

Two gigantic structures close to the Russian border  give hope for major discoveries in blocks awarded in the 23rd round. Illustration: KUFPEC Norway/GEO 05/2016
Illustration: KUFPEC Norway

Commercial or not?

Community certain about discovery - but not size

En vakkert terminert akvamarinblå cordierittkrystall fra funnet. 50-øring som skala. Foto: Jan Braly Kihle

Nytt Geofunn i Aust-Agder

Verdens vakreste cordieritt-krystaller

NCS Exploration 2017 takes place at Scandic Fornebu, right outside Oslo. The conference has become an excellent opportunity for networking, too. Foto: Hans Gebauer

Networking at NCS Exploration

Special offer for out of work geoscientists

K2V Limited displays where a selection of accredited oil & gas sector consultants has relevant information by spatialising their knowledge using an online map with crowdsourced information. The pins indicates the location where special knowledge is available.
Image: 	Geonova based on Berardo62 via wikimedia commons

Spatialised knowledge

Better decisions with crowdsourced and mapped knowledge

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