The strongest earthquake occurred at 1:36 a.m. UTC on the 24th of August 2016. It had a magnitude of 6.2 with its epicentre in 10 km depth at 42.714°N 13.172°E.
Image: USGS

Earthquake in Italy

Complex geology drives frequent shaking

One of the largest mountainside collapses ever recorded in Italy’s South Tirol occurred last Friday and Saturday, when 700,000 cubic meters of rock and debris fell from a peak know as Piccola Croda Rossa.
Image: Film by Roman Valentini on YouTube

Geology in motion

700,000 cubic meters rockslide in the Dolomites

Det blankskurte elveleiet midt i Gardnoskrateret er med på å gjøre det unikt. Her er jordoverflaten skylt vekk og man kan se rett på berggrunnen.
Foto: Vberger via Wikimedia Commons


NASA skal lære mer om Mars i Norge

Jackup drilling rig on the Gulf of Mexico shelf.
Photo: Alexei Milkov

Petroleum Exploration

When it pays to be intuitive versus systematic

NCS Prospects - The Exploration Strategy conference, organized jointly by Rystad Energy and GeoPublishing, brings together the exploration focused North Sea community to exchange expert insight, network with fellow peers and develop discussions and solutions on current industry issues.
Illustration: NCS Prospects

Miserable exploration results

NCS Prospects - The Exploration Strategy Conference

The tiny white bone at the left belonged to what could have been a bird, about the size of a starling.
Photo: Jørn Hurum

Hidden treasures

Shelved fossil was a Svalbard jewel

Volcanos like the Tuvurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea provide the inspiration for the funky "Volcano Song" of the Budos Band, part of this weeks playlist of The Guardian with geology related songs.
Foto: Taro Taylor,edit by Richard Bartz via Wikimedia Commons

Real rock music

Readers recommend playlist with songs about geology

Draupner Energy applies the concept of crowdsourcing to oil & gas exploration. The Swedish company has launched its first project on the Mid North Sea High where everybody can participate and win considerable prize money.
Photo: NASA

Crowdsourcing in oil & gas

Join the challenge and win 30,000 USD


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