A Norwegian ice drift 118 years later

Welcome to the Geonova Diary of the Norwegian scientists Yngve Kristoffersen and Audun Tholfsen who lived and worked on their ice drift station including the hovercraft “Sabvabaa”. From August 2014, the team was drifting for 353 days over a distance of 2.200 km along the submarine Lomonosov Ridge.

FRAM-2014/15 reports from the Arctic

Read more about FRAM 2014/2015:

Yngve (72) skal bo på isen i 18 måneder“, Aftenposten, 16.09.2014

Alone on an Arctic ice floe, with a hovercraft“, Sciencemag.org, 12.09.2014

SABVABAA – Inuit word meaning: “flows swiftly over it”: www.polarhovercraft.no

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