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  Geonova – The Geoscience Community 

Geonova is a Norway based community of geoscientists.

Geonova is an online ecosystem, created to share information and knowledge about geoscience. Geonova is dedicated to two goals: To help the community of geoscientists establish relationships and to bring the world of geology to everybody in an enjoyable and entertaining way.

Geonova therefore facilitates the communication of geoscience knowledge to the public and in particular young talents and students in high schools and universities. Geonova aims to inspire the community of geoscientists to contribute to this knowledge transfer.


Geonova is connected with a series of important communication channels in the geoscience sectors such as GEO (the print magazine), the industry news portal, the alternative news portal and the research news portal In collaboration with our partners, Geonova also organises a series of conferences and seminars on geoscience topics, such as the Hydrocarbon Habitats Seminars, the May Conference and NCS Prospects – The Exploration Strategy Conference.

The community was initiated in spring 2014 and is administered by Geonova AS. By the end of 2016, Geonova counts about 1.400 members.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us!


Geonova is an exciting and welcome addition to the geoscientific community in Norway. These pages are a great way to connect with peers, as well as to become a better geologist trough discussions and knowledge sharing.

Ronny Setså
Geoforskning AS

I believe Geonova can be a great contribution to the G&G networks technical discussions, sharing views across companies and countries.

Elisabeth Femsteinevik
License and portfolio manager
Faroe Petroleum

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Geonova relies on a trusted network of active and innovative partners from administration, geoscience related industries and academia. By joining this network, your organization can support the Geonova community and participate in a productive exchange.

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